Here Are The Sexy Photos Sydney Elaine Leathers Sent Anthony Weiner (AKA “Carlos Danger”)

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Sydney Leathers Writes A Sad Service Piece About Seducing Politicians For XOJane

Once the dirty Facebook chat history between Sydney Leathers and Mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner aka “Carlos Danger” surfaced, we figured it would be just a matter of time before we saw the photos referenced in the chat. I read it in its entirety last night, by the way. It was definitely dirty, but not out of the realm of what you’d imagine it would be. I wouldn’t describe it as kinky, although Weiner seems to have a bit of a high heel fetish.

There are no nude photos of Weiner’s 23-year-old chat buddy YET, but TMZ obtained this picture of Leathers topless in a thong. After the jump you can see her appeasing Weiner’s high heel fetish and posing for a selfie in some full-coverage lingerie looking like the wholesome Indiana girl that she is. And if you dare, here are pictures of Weiner’s uncensored wiener (NSFW!!!).

I know Huma Abedin deserves her right to privacy, still I can’t help but wonder what she’s thinking right now and if this will change her position. While Sydney Leathers is remaining silent on the matter, some of her high school friends have come forth saying she’s just chasing fame. But we all know how credible high school friends are. However, Sydney Leather’s mother, Laura Leathers, has made a statement: “I have nothing to say except God help New York if he gets to be mayor. You can print that.” Let this be a reminder to us all not to send sexy pictures over social media unless we’re OK with the whole world seeing them.

[NY Daily News]

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