Bizarre Beauty Rituals She’s Wasting Money On

If your girl is anything like me, she’s probably got enough potions, lotions and creams to cover an entire army of Kate Upton clones. We spend oodles of hours and way too much cash trying to look good for you, our friends, your friends, the bus driver, that cute barista and everyone else who crosses our path. We live for compliments on our glowing skin from strangers. Dumb? Yes. A waste of time and our hard-earned benjamins? You bet. But we do it anyway.

Alas, some chicks of the OCD variety go above and beyond the occasional European facial and spa mani/pedi. This is where the practice of obtaining epidermal perfection gets weird. We’re talking slathering butt cream on your mug, having fish eat off your dead skin and plastering fine jewelry across your face for a more youthful appearance.

That’s where the most Bizarre Beauty Rituals Your Girlfriend Is Wasting Money On come in. Read more on TruTV…