What Will The Royal Baby’s Name Be? Let’s Discuss Some Contenders!

Now that the Great Kate Wait is over and the baby prince has been born, we’ve shifted our obsession to guessing what the royal baby name will be! Given that Will and Kate have hundreds of years of tradition to uphold, chances are that the royal moniker will be chosen from this no-weird-names shortlist, and announced some time this week. Keep in mind royals choose several middle names (Prince William has three — William Arthur Philip Louis) so the full name could be a combination of some of the options below. Here are the current frontrunners:

George: This is the front-runner according to bookies Paddy Power, with 2/1 odds being offered, according to The Telegraph. The name, which means “farmer,” was also the name of William’s great-grandfather, King George VI, as well as five other English kings.

Alexander: This name, which means “protector of men,” conjures up fierce images of Alexander the Great, one of history’s most successful warriors. Though we won’t expect this future king to do battle, he will have to be tough to grow up in the public eye.

Spencer: The birth of a boy means the name Diana, in honor of William’s late mother, is out. But Twitter is buzzing with rumors that the couple will use her maiden name of Spencer, which means “dispenser of provisions,” as a way to remember her.

James: James is another strong contender, with royal cred via King James I, as well as the name of Kate’s brother. The moniker, which means “one who grasps by the heel or supplanter,” was the 8th most popular baby name in England, according to Office for National Statistics.

Philip: This regal name, a nod to William’s grandfather, the recently ailing Duke of Edinburgh, has long been rumored to be a Will and Kate favorite. It means “horse lover.”

Henry: Why not name the baby after fun-loving Uncle Harry, especially since Baby Cambridge is taking his spot as third in line to the throne? Henry means “home leader,” and is often shortened to Harry, which was the #1 baby name in England in 2011, according to Office for National Statistics.

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