“Orange Is The New Black” Has More Successful Debut Than “Arrested Development”

The Mary Sue | July 24, 2013 - 2:45 pm

“Orange is the New Black” crossed my radar very close to its release, less than three days before its entire season premiered on Netflix, and for somebody whose job it is to keep tabs on this kind of thing, that was unusual and spoke of a lackluster PR campaign. It sounded like the beginning of an old story: a creator determined to bring the diverse stories of a group of black, brown, gay, trans*, old (and other adjectives that make them a hard sell to studios) women to the small screen, manages to get a show into production at an unorthodox outlet, show is great but due to lack of confidence in the concept nobody ever hears about it except folks who are starving for those stories in the first place for very personal reasons.

So imagine my surprise when Netflix announces that in the “opening week” of “Orange is the New Black” the show accrued more viewers, for more hours, than the fourth season of “Arrested Development.” Read more on The Mary Sue…