TrueCar Thinks A Woman Needs A Man To Buy A Car

The idea behind is to provide people with a benchmark for how much they should be paying for a car so that when they go to a dealership, they can be somewhat knowledgeable when they bargain. I actually think it’s a great idea and I would totally use it if I hadn’t seen their commercial first. The commercial shows only women talking about how they just get so nervous at car dealerships all by themselves without a man by their sides. One woman even exclaims that she can go to the dealership without a “dude” now that she has TrueCar! Would it have been so hard to throw in one man talking about how helpful TrueCar is? Couldn’t the woman have been happy she could go confidently to the dealership without “someone who knows a lot about cars” instead of a “dude”?

This Twitter exchange between irritated tweeters and TrueCar says it all. The issue with the commercial is not that it shows women being nervous about buying a car alone, it is that it only shows women being nervous about buying a car alone. On Twitter, TrueCar claimed that 77 percent of women reported that they would rather go to a dealership with a man than by themselves, but a statistic about men is obviously missing. Wouldn’t anyone, regardless of gender, rather have a buddy with them at a car dealership than go alone? Tsk tsk, TrueCar.