Pro-Choice Activists Go On “Freedom Ride” To 14 States With Only One Remaining Abortion Clinic

  • Abortion rights activists called Stop Patriarchy are going on a “freedom ride” (a reference to the Civil Rights movement that I’m not quite sure is appropriate) this summer and will visit the 14 states across the country which only have one abortion clinic. [US News & World Reports]
  • Clear Channel wouldn’t allow an abortion clinic in Wichita, Kansas, to run advertisements for their services because it violates “decency standards,” although they are more than happy to run ads for sex shops and “male enhancement” products. Uh huh. [Women Action Media]
  • A guide to anti-abortion concern trolling. [American Prospect]
  • How not to talk to a woman who likes cars. [Jalopnik]
  • Frisky contributor Melissa Petro on how we pardon men like Eliot Spitzer, who fancies paying for sex, but we villanize former sex workers. []
  • How Big Pharma is keeping women from having access to a less expensive morning-after pill. [Think Progress]
  • On white womanhood and complicity in injustice for Trayvon Martin. [Feministing]
  • Meet Stella Walsh, an intersex Olympian. [SB Nation]
  • Some thoughts on “Princesses Of Long Island” and JAP-iness. [Lilith]
  • Check out Chocolates For Breakfast, a lesbianish novel that you couldn’t read until now. [After Ellen]
  • For everyone who hoped the royal baby would be a Queen … [TIME]


  • Russia detained Dutch filmmakers for “spreading homosexual propaganda.” [LGBTQ Nation]
  • Here’s another look into France’s ban on Muslim women wearing headscarves. [Guardian UK]
  • The Tour de France organizers said they are open to the idea of a women’s-only Tour. [BBC]
  • Five Canadian women attempted a 189-mile relay swim across freezing Lake Ontario. [BBC]

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