Man Wins Beer Chugging Contest, Promptly Dies

Joaquín Alcaraz Gracia had just been crowned “King of Beer Drinking” in a chugging contest in Spain when he started vomiting nonstop. The goal of the contest is to drink as many liters of beer as possible in 20 minutes and Garcia drank six liters, breaking the contest record. The poor guy was coherent for long enough to hold up his trophy in glory, but his condition deteriorated quickly, reported the UK’s Daily Mail.

Garcia began to vomit relentlessly until he “fell asleep.” Unfortunately, he was not sleeping at all, but rather he was suffering a massive heart attack. When he arrived at the hospital he could not be revived.

The chugging contest has been defended by the people of Spain’s Murcia region as tradition, but drinking to that kind of excess absolutely cannot end well. In other competitive eating news, a 64-year-old man died during a pie-eating contest in Australia only days before Garcia’s death. (His last words were “Jeez, this chili pie is hot.”) Maybe this week could be a lesson in moderation?

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[Photo of drunk man with beer via Shutterstock]