Like This, Love That: Your Music & Book Recommendations For The Week!

Welcome to a new semi-regular feature on The Frisky in which we comb through all the new releases in books and music, and present you with our top picks. We’re calling it “Like This, Love That” — think of it as a human “Amazon Recommends,” or that friend of yours who’s always on top of the newest and the latest. Check out our picks for this week — including some dystopian fiction — after the jump!

Like This, Love That: Your Book & Music Recommendations For The Week!

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Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros: Don’t expect the self-titled record from Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros to sound like their last big hit, “Home,” and the band has taken a decided less ebulant tone. If Jefferson Airplane is your jam, or you have a thing for Bowie-esque weirdness, tune in.

Selena Gomez, Stars DanceIf you weren’t embarrassed about rocking out to pre-molly poppin’ Miley Cyrus or “Candy”-era Mandy Moore, then you should be equally as psyched for Selena’s first true “solo” record. And if you’re curious about what she has to say about ex-BF Justin Bieber, check out the track “Love Will Remember.”


The Panopticon by Jenni Fagan: If you like the dystopian fiction of Margaret Atwood or just really dig “Big Brother,” get on this debut novel. Anais is a Scottish veteran of the foster care system, who lands herself in the Panopticon — a high-security prison/compound for “dangerous” teens —  but things aren’t as they seem.

& Sons by David Gilbert: If you love novels about the rich and literary, from Martin Amis to J.D Salinger, then this hefty, soaring novel of two interconnected  families in New York will be just the thing. It hits all my sweet spots for literature — rich, literary characters, and tiny tears in the fabric of Upper East Side moneyed perfection.