Half-Eaten Box Of Oreos: Grounds For Divorce?

A wife committed an Oreo cookie crime so heinous, so unimaginable that her husband threatened to divorce her. The woman licked the creme-filled center out of an entire box of Double Stuffs and put the box back in cupboard, leaving only the less desirable cookie outsides. The Oreo offender posted the evidence of her crime and the her husband’s subsequent Post-It retaliation on Reddit with the caption: “Ate the cream from the oreo and put the cookies back in the bag — Woke up to find this note … I’m a monster.”

At least she’s owning up to her violation. I’ve committed monstrous dessert crimes myself — excavated all of the cookie dough balls out of a pint of Ben & Jerry’s and eaten all the frosting off my brother’s birthday cake while he slept and felt like an awful human being. But this Oreo desecration is of an unprecedented caliber. Let’s hope that this wife can find a way to get back into her passive aggressive husband’s good graces. Perhaps she could purchase an Oreo Separator Machine for any future disputes. [Daily Mail UK]