Amanda Bynes Hospitalized In California After Allegedly Starting Small Fire

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In what could end up being the best thing to happen to Amanda Bynes in recent years, the troubled actress has been hospitalized after she was busted by police for allegedly starting a small fire in the driveway of a random house in Thousand Oaks, CA. Shortly after Bynes was caught trespassing at a retirement home in the area, the fire department was called to a nearby house where a small fire had been lit in the driveway. The police were called when Bynes was allegedly found standing next to the blaze. When questioned by police, Bynes’ answers were allegedly nonsensical and the decision was made to hospitalize her on a 5150 hold, aka an involuntary hospitalization for mental evaluation. (A 5150 hold was also used to hospitalize Britney Spears a few years ago.) While Bynes can only be held for 72 hours, hopefully that will give her family enough time to take further action, as it’s become pretty clear Bynes is not well. [TMZ]

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