30 Signs You Were Born And Raised In California

I’ve lived in New York City for the last 12 years, but before arriving here in June 2001, I was a born-and-raised California girl. I grew up in San Diego and went to college in Santa Cruz — nearly 21 years of Golden State livin’. And even though I’ve earned the right to call myself a New Yorker, I will always be a California girl at heart. Here are 30 signs that California love runs through your veins.

1. You have militant opinions about what should go inside a burrito.

2. Hella is a way of life.

3. You think flip-flops are appropriate footwear for most occasions.

4. You know what I mean by “the 101.”

5. You call everyone, including female friends, your parents, and your boss, “dude.” You know you should stop, but you just can’t help it.

6. Rad and gnarly are two words you use on the regular, and not ironically.

7. You are prepared to camp at a moment’s notice.

8. You have never once referred to San Francisco as “Frisco” and throw mad side eye at those that do.

9. You agree with the statement “Avocado makes everything better.”

10. You really, really don’t see what the big deal is with smoking pot.

11. You have a decreased sense of urgency about just about everything. What’s the rush?

12. Except for when you’re stuck in traffic. Then “Road Rage” is your middle name.

13. Tapatio trumps Cholula or Tabasco every time.

14. You are outraged — OUTRAGED! — at the cost of produce these days.

15. You mastered the art of passing through border security at the age of 16, when you used to party down in TJ. (And you don’t need someone to explain to you what “TJ” is.)

16. You would never order off the regular menu at In-N-Out.

17. You didn’t even know “seasonal produce” existed.

18. You know all the lyrics to “I Got Five On It,” and stand by the fact that the remix is superior to the original.

19. Anything under 65 degrees is jacket weather. And anything under 50 degrees is just fucking freezing.

20. You have an inexplicable attraction to what we’ll call “white boy swag,” i.e. dumb white dudes (sorry, can’t help it) who listen to a lot of rap and also probably skateboard and talk like Brody Jenner.

21. You have at some point in your life gone through a vegetarian or vegan phase.

22. June Gloom is both a horrible weather condition — fog and grey skies IN THE SUMMER, fuck that — and an accompanying equally depressing state of mind.

23. Your sense of geography about the rest of the country is maaaaaybe a little off, considering most of the driving you’ve done has been in-state.

24. You owned a pair of Uggs before they were in.

25. You went to high school with at least one Jeff Spicoli wannabe.

26. You loved Steve Miller Band, Sublime, or Cake at one point in your life — admit it.

27. You studied abroad and overtly identified as “Californian” over “American.”

28. Growing up, you learned how to ski, surf, sail or all three.

29. You don’t understand why other states have so many bugs outside during the summer months.

30. The California Raisins never made much sense to you.

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