Norwegian Woman Raped In Dubai Is Finally Pardoned

Last Tuesday, Marte Deborah Delelv of Norway was sentenced to 16 months in prison. Her crime? She reported being raped by a colleague while on a business trip in Dubai to the police. According to the Daily Mail, when she first reported the alleged rape in March, she was thrown in jail for four days because she had consumed alcohol. She was then charged with having sex outside of marriage and received her 16-month sentence. Her alleged rapist received only a 13-month sentence. Finally, however, Delelv has been pardoned for being raped and is allowed leave Dubai and return home, reports Associated Press. Unfortunately, she no longer has a job.

You see, Delelv was on a business trip in for Al Mana Interiors, a company owned by Janet Jackson’s husband, Wissam Al Mana, when she was attacked, reports the Daily Mail. After being arrested in Dubai, Delelv was fired from her position at Al Mana Interiors.

Under United Arab Emirates law, a rapist is only convicted after the rapist confesses to the crime or the rape was witnessed by four Muslim men. Extramarital sex is also forbidden by law. Unmarried couples can be jailed for simply holding hands.

After her waking nightmare, Delelv can finally go home to Norway. It is still not clear whether the charges on her alleged rapist will be dropped.

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[Photo via Daily Mail]