Young Morrissey Is An Expert On The Sex Pistols & Punk Rock

Morrissey has a lot of feelings. It’s what makes him a great singer/songwriter and also what defines him as a difficult baby monster. It seems Morrissey’s been developing these tendencies since at least adolescence, if this letter he penned to music magazine NME is any indication. In 1976, a 17-year-old Morrissey wrote in to the magazine to complain about the Sex Pistols. Yup.

In his missive, he complains that the Sex Pistols lied about not being influenced by New York bands, and he goes to great lengths to prove his point. He also upbraids the Pistols for their wardrobe choices in one monumental, underhanded zing. “I’d love to see the Pistols make it. Maybe then they will be able to afford some clothes which don’t look as though they’ve been slept in.” Wow. Never change, Moz. [Laughing Squid]