Ghost Turns Out To Be A Woman Trapped In The Wall

In China’s Anhui province, when homeowners heard pounding and cries for help coming from behind their walls, they assumed it was a ghost and just ignored it. (Because, that’s what everyone does when they think there’s a spirit in the house. Oh, that damn ghost is so needy, I’m just gonna let it whine itself back into the afterlife.) It wasn’t until nearly seven hours later, when it occurred to some genius pedestrian passing by that these cries for help might not be coming from a ghost, they might be coming from a human trapped in the crevice between the walls. BINGO.

Rescue crews removed an unnamed woman, not a ghost, who became trapped when she decided to take the narrow passageway as a shortcut on her way home. She was unharmed, just traumatized from the ordeal. Let this be a lesson to us. We’re all eager to get home after a long day, but squeezing into a narrow passageway to make it happen faster is so not worth it. [Huffington Post UK]

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