Women Receives Free Pizza For Breastfeeding At A Restaurant

When Jackie Johnson-Smith’s child began to cry during dinner at Fong’s Pizza in Iowa, as you might expect, she fed the child and then exited the restaurant to avoid disturbing other diners. Johnson-Smith happens to breastfeed her baby, a practice that is often met with a lot of opposition in public. This time, however, she was thanked by her waitress in the form of a free pizza.

See, while Johnson-Smith was outside with her child, her husband paid for their dinner. He received the receipt (pictured above) with a note from the waitress, which read, “I bought one of your pizzas. Please thank your wife for breastfeeding!!” The waitress, Bodi Kinney, told KCCI 8 News in Des Moines, “We need to come together and support each other when it comes to nursing our children.”

According to Jackie Johnson-Smith’s Facebook page, she was “speechless and emotional” when her husband first showed her the receipt. She also posted, “Although I don’t need a pat on the back for feeding my child, it felt amazing how we women can make each other feel when we empower each other.” Way to empower, Bodi Kinney!

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[Photo via Facebook]