Woman In Dubai Sentenced To Jail After Reporting Rape

  • A woman turned from victim to criminal in Dubai after she reported she had been raped, but was then sentenced to jail for having “extramarital sex.” So messed up. [VG Nett]
  • The rise in deaths among young women in England and Scotland is starting to become “worrisome.” [Science Daily]
  • Although Obama’s administration is comprised of mostly men, it boasts white men as the minority, a first in history. [USA Today]
  • Frightening statistics are showing that more young women are being diagnosed with advanced stages of breast cancer. [TMJ 4]
  • Women are petitioning to be included in the 2014 Tour De France! [USA Today]
  • According to a UCLA study, being a “sex addict” is just a myth. [Huffington Post]
  • A man sexually assaulted a woman on an airplane while she was fast asleep. Ugh, what the hell is wrong with people? [Daily Mail]
  • The HPV vaccine that protects women against cervical cancer can also prevent them from throat cancers. [NY Times]