Texas Wants To Ban Abortions After 6 Weeks Of Pregnancy

Today In “I Can’t Believe I’m From Texas”: Not only did Rick Perry just sign the bill that will close the majority of abortion clinics throughout Texas, but legislators are now trying to get all abortions banned after six weeks. Yep, you heard me. SIX WEEKS!

The sixth week is when the fetal heartbeat begins, and if the new bill is enacted, women would have to get an ultrasound before getting an abortion. If a heartbeat could be heard, then an abortion would be a no-go. 

The frightening thing about this bill, though, is that most women don’t even know they are pregnant before six weeks. One of the legislators, Dan Flynn (R), understands that there is no way this bill would ever be passed. “We fully understand and recognize that the bill won’t be heard, and they’re okay with that,” said a spokeswoman for Flynn. “They wanted to at least put this on the radar for 2015.”

I just can’t.

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