So What Do You Wear To A Rave, Anyway?

I was never much of a raver. I was too busy getting moody and sullen with my punk music and my whiny indie rock to ever delve too deeply into the rave scene. But even I couldn’t escape the rave fashion of the ’90s; I once bought a horrible synthetic fabric maxi skirt from Philly’s resident tacky rave wear shop, Agent Aloha.  The image of women in ’90s rave culture, was curious: Women were somewhat sexualized––the standard outfit was oversized, crazy-big pants paired with a baby T and sneakers––but also infantilized, particularly within the candy raver scene, where sucking on pacifiers was de riguer. So I guess … sexy babies? Ecstasy was the drug of choice back then. I did it once and had a great time, but then woke up the next day feeling like I was going to die. I didn’t die (obvs), but I did realize that people who have weird serotonin issues probably shouldn’t fuck around with MDMA.

In any case.

These days, I can’t even pretend to understand what’s going on. There is a thing called a Skrillex? And a Tiesto and an Armin Van Buurin (actually, that dude’s been around forever)? Rave-by-way-of-EDM seems to be thriving, but it’s also gone way over the top, lady fashion-wise. I feel like girls are basically going to parties naked? Is that a thing? And the fuzzy booties? Those are gonna make your feet sweat so much. Teenagers, chill out and drink some Sunny D, okay? Extreme! Thankfully, for people like me, who are confused about what’s appropriate to wear at the next next EDM party/dance fest/reaping, the ladies of Vibe Vixen have come up with a handy guide, chock full of options to get the party started. Check it out at the link and throw away those gross fur boots. [Vibe Vixen]