Real Life Mermaid Fights Her Community’s “No-Fin Policy”

Real life mermaid Eden Sirene, born Jenna Conti, is fighting for the right to wear her tail in her community’s swimming pool. The Tampa, Florida resident who likes to wear her custom-made mermaid suit because “it makes me feel amazing [and] makes children [and] adults smile” was told by her community board that she could no longer wear her mer-gear because it’s in violation of their “no-fin policy.” Even though Eden insists that her fin is not a safety hazard because it “can’t come flinging off in a pool”, the community board refuses to make an exception for mermaids.

“We love what’s she trying to do, be kind to children and do something good for the community. We love her intentions — it’s simply that it violates rules,” they said in a statement.

My ass they love it! I see right through their discriminatory “no-fin policy.” Just more people trying to keep the mermaids down. I say, let Eden swim freely. [My FOX Tampa Bay]