Baby Wigs Finally Make The New York Times Style Section

When I first saw a picture of a baby wearing a Beyonce-inspired lace front wig — this was back in December of 2009 — I found myself disturbed by the idea. Mostly, because the mother said, “It’s never too early for my baby to start looking glamorous like Beyonce!” which I thought was ridiculous. One of our commenters described the look as “a shrunken head with a baby’s body still attached,” an incredibly accurate description. After my indignation wore off, I found myself returning to the picture many times the following week and asking myself: Why is it wrong put a wig on a baby? I couldn’t really come up with a solid reason. 

I mean, a baby would probably hate the thing and pull it off within seconds, but if wigged in the spirit of fun and not for a parents’ own narcissistic aspirations, those few precious moments of baby in a wig are guaranteed to bring overwhelming amounts of joy and pants-peeing laughter. And after all that babies put parents through — pregnancy, labor, breast feeding, poopy diapers, sleepless nights — don’t they deserve a few moments of comic relief? Think about it. It’s  a quick and easy way to lighten the mood. I like Baby Mops for the same reason. I’ve decided if I have babies, wigs and mops will have to be part of the deal.

My long-time baby wigs obsession lead me to do extensive research on the matter. The most baby safe, baby friendly wig option on the market are Baby Bangs!, little headbands with real hair attached for bald baby girls. Although I’ve known about them for a while, I am pleased to announce that they’ve FINALLY made the New York Times Style section, which means, although it took far too long, baby wigs are officially in. It’s just a matter of time before it’s en trende for all babies to wear wigs. At long last. [NY Times]