Is Barbie On The Decline?

Mattel’s Barbie doll has long embodied all that is wrong with society’s expectations of women and the female body. But there’s good news, sort of: the impossibly shaped, blonde doll’s popularity appears to finally be waning. Mattel has reported a 23 percent drop in sales and sales have declined for the fourth quarter in a row. To be fair, toy sales the U.S. and Europe have not been faring particularly well this year in general, and Mattel is doing relatively well compared to other large toy companies. But this is no thanks to Barbie — most of their sales come from the American Girl Dolls and Monster High Dolls.

I can’t say much in support of Monster High Dolls because they exhibit a similar insane body type to Barbie, but at least they’re a little more creative. I am also confused and a little frightened by them, but I’ll just chalk their popularity up to more “Twilight”-esque mania. However, American Girl Dolls, which have been around for quite some time, are pretty awesome. What is better than getting kids excited about history? The dolls all have stories to tell which show that it’s cool to be courageous and to stand up for what you believe in.

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[Photo via Distribudorapc]