An 8-Year-Old Might Have Just Penned The “Sharknado” Sequel

Glory, glory! Today, SyFy announced that there will, indeed be a “Sharknado” sequel.

“Every once in a while, there is a perfect storm – on television. The fans are clamoring for a sequel. Or perhaps it will be a prequel … What we can guarantee is that ‘Sharknado 2’will be lots of fun. We’ll be announcing more details very soon. But we didn’t want our fans to worry they wouldn’t get their fill of more shark fin, I mean, fun next year,” said the EVP of SyFy programming.

As if that weren’t good enough news, SyFy is now accepting title suggestions for “Sharknado 2.” You can Tweet them to @SyfyMovies using the hashtag #Sharknado.

Unrelated, but totally related, this page of a screenplay about Squid-Shark-Alligator hybrids (written by an eight-year-old at summer camp) was posted on Reddit last night. SyFy, I think we’ve got a winner here. “Sharknado 2: The Attack Of The Squarklligators.” Jeremy London could star in it. Guy needs a comeback performance. You can see a larger photo of the image on the right after the jump. [Gossip CopDangerous Minds]

8-year-old sharknado screenplay