18 Ways That Drunk Adult Ladies Are Just Like 4-Year-Old Girls (In GIFS!)

This past weekend, Amelia, Jessica and I went to our awesome marketing manager Sophie’s wedding in Maine. It was so much fun. And so much lobster. (Maine!) There were a bunch of ridiculously cute flower girls there, frolicking on the grass, running around, falling down, dancing, crying, accidentally showing everyone their underwear and generally having a lot of fun. And it was on our way from the ceremony to the reception that it struck us: those little girls are not unlike us when we get drunk. This theory was tested 15 minutes later — thanks to the open bar — when Amelia and I attempted to get the dance party started with these cute kids. They, and us, it seemed, were the only ones willing to make total fools of ourselves (as per the usual).

With that in mind, we thought up a bunch of ways that drunk adult women are sort of totally like 4-year-olds. And there are a lot of ways, trust us. Check out our list after the jump, and share your own theories in the comments.

1. We’ll talk nonsensically for hours.

nonsensical talk

2. We’ll insist on trying to pick up our friends, whether or not that’s actually physically possible.

woman picking up man
3. We both like to take off our clothes at inopportune moments.


4. We tell other people what to do like we’re totally experts. (We’re not experts.)

Complain about everything

5. We’ll both try — and fail — to do tricks with our food.

ron swanson drunk eating

6. But whatever, we both live for snacks.


7. You know, delicious stuff like Night Cheese.

liz lemons night cheese

8. We both try to kiss our friends.

 molly shannon trying to kick our friends

9. We’ll tell everyone what we think of them — with absolutely no filter.

let me tell you how i feel

10. We’ll cry at the drop of a hat.

heidi montag crying
11. So much crying.

dawsons creek crying

12. We both fall on the floor and have difficulty getting up.

ways that drunk adults and 4 year olds are similar
13. We both smear makeup all over our faces and think that we look goooood

smear makeup all over ourselves

14. We can be totally catty if we don’t like someone.

catty girls
15. We’ll dance with abandon, regardless of whether there’s any actual musical accompaniment or, you know, a dance floor. Sometimes we’re all:

drunk dancing
16. And other times, we’re like:

dancing cat

17. We’ll both occasionally decide that boys are gross. The grossest.

deciding boys are gross

18. We’ll fall asleep practically anywhere — even if it’s not our bed. Especially if it’s not our bed.

well fall asleep weird places other than our beds