15 Things I’ve Learned From 5 Years On Tumblr

This weekend I was informed, via a celebratory email, that my Tumblr blog (where I post feminist quotes, haute couture dresses, terrible jokes, and pictures of Connie Britton) is now five-years-old. My first thought? Awww, they grow up so fast! My second thought? Damn, my life would be so much different if I’d never signed up for Tumblr. I mean, not only could I have earned at least two PhDs in all the hours I’ve wasted laughing at kitten GIFs, but there are so many things I know and understand now that I never would have known if not for Tumblr. For example…

1. Even the most complex, nuanced emotions can be summed up by a GIF.

2. Any string of random words becomes profound if you write it in Helvetica and paste it onto a picture of the solar system.

3. No topic is too specific of obscure to warrant an entire blog dedicated to it.

4. Benedict Cumberbatch is the most attractive human being on Earth.

5. Today’s teenagers communicate mostly through writing messages on pieces of paper and then taking pictures of themselves looking pensive while holding said pieces of paper.

6. If you’re ever having an argument with a Canadian, just post this image, and you automatically win.

7. Punctuation is completely and totally optional.

8. There are limitless ways to meme-ify Ryan Gosling, and all of them are sexy.

9. “Thigh gap” is a thing that exists that people care way too much about.

10. Shipping preferences are very passionate and personal. Never judge someone’s ships, no matter how weird.

11. Amy Poehler is the cool aunt we all wish we had (and some of us really want her to make out with our other cool aunt, Tina Fey — see #10).

12. Any day is a good day to post a gratuitous picture of yourself, but Wednesday is an especially good day.

13. Everyone feels misunderstood much of the time.

14. If you want to be reminded of how horrible and wonderful people can be, enable anonymous asks in your Tumblr inbox.

15. Don’t fuck with the “Supernatural” fandom. They are legion.

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