The “Betches” Are Professional Mean Girls

Please meet “betches” Jordana Abraham, Samantha Fishbein and Aleen Kuperman. This trio of childhood friends who coined the term “betch” while they were attending Cornell together go by the mottos: “If you don’t have anything mean to say, don’t say it at all” and “Don’t be easy, don’t be ugly, don’t be poor.”

Some more of their inspirational advice has included: “You should learn to be a girl who looks out for herself first and does not allow others to take advantage of her. Ideally, you should be doing the advantage-taking” and “It’s important to realize that as a woman, you have the special privilege of not needing to work as hard as men do — in the general sense — unless you want to.”

Preach, betches!  

And naturally, the betches’ loveliness has landed them 140,500 Twitter followers, a website, a self-help book deal and a possible TV show. But don’t worry all their meanness is in the name of humor.

“Of course it’s satire. The betch voice has become very easy to us. It’s like an evil whisper in our heads. The alter egos we’ve made … it’s extremely exaggerated and a bit ridiculous,” Abraham admits.

And maybe it is satire, maybe it is meant to be funny, but I ask: do we really need this kind of satire? Maybe I’m missing the humor, the same way I did with Rebecca Martinson’s dating advice column. [Daily Mail]