Random Home Inspiration: Curiosity Shops

One of my weaknesses has always been eccentric little shops with tapestries hung in the front window and oh-my-God-are-those-real human skulls displayed on shelves. Bonus points if there is a woman behind the counter who resembles a character from “Hocus Pocus.” I could spend hours smelling all the essential oils and digging through the assortment of weird, witchy merchandise. I recently bought a porcelain palmistry palm statue for my desk at just this type of curiosity shop, and I thought it might be fun to round up some other home decorating pieces with a similar vibe. Get all the shopping details after the jump!

Clockwise from top left:

1. Tarot Card Art Print: $15, Etsy

2. Ouija Board Mouse Pad(!): $8.50, Etsy

3. Rock Salt Lamp: $70, Massage Warehouse

4. Beetle Tea Plate: $25, Etsy

5. Tree Of Life Pillow Cover: $32, Etsy

6. Porcelain Palmistry Hand Statue: $20, Lawless Hardware