Patti Stanger Talks About Meeting Her Soul Mate David Krause, Continues To Annoy Me To The Core

“Two years ago, I was depressed because I hadn’t found the true love of my life. I was like, ‘What’s wrong with me? I’m smart. I make money. I’m pretty. What’s going on?’ I told Jill [Zarin], who said, ‘Something is running in your unconscious that is preventing you from finding love.’ …The unconscious is the bus driver and if it has no map, it has no direction and that’s why you can’t figure things out … Forty eight hours later, David  walked into my life … We are living together. Things are great. I’m really happy.”

Patti Stanger gushes to People about how she met her soulmate, former baseball player, David Krause. Look, I’m terribly happy for everyone who finds true love. I believe in soul mates. And maybe David is Patti’s true love. All that is well and good, but what I can’t stand is her using her love story as a sales pitch for self-promotion. The other thing that drives me nuts in the whole “self-help-y dating advice” world is when someone peddles oversimplified versions of new thought principles stolen from the The Secret to reel people into feeling “single shame.”

Put more simply, Patti is implying, for starters, that there’s something wrong with you for being single and that if you tame your unconscious mind and fix your broken, single self (by watching her show or attending one of her expensive seminars), love will waltz right into your life like magic! It’s setting people up to fail. Maybe you do have some negative thought patterns and you should address them by all means. But even if you do, that might not mean you fall in love at the end of that journey. And when you don’t, you feel like a failure when really, you just haven’t met the right person yet. Thus, the insidious cycle continues. ARGH (shakes fist at the sky). [People]