My Brother Wears A Hoodie Every Day, So I Am Afraid

Hello Beautiful | July 16, 2013 - 3:45 pm

Whenever issues of young Black masculinity become part of the national discourse, I often make reference to my little brother. As I am not yet a mother, he is my benchmark for how the world treats young Black male bodies. At 25 years old he is 6’2, slender, fair-skinned with a small bit of facial hair and walks through the streets of Chicago and New-York most often in a singular uniform: black jeans, a black or white T-shirt, and a grey hoodie.

It’s a hoodie I bought him last year for Christmas. Like most young millennial boys, my 25 year-old brother lives in the same three items until he literally wears holes in them.  This means on any given day, if it’s cool outside or raining, there he is: jeans, T-shirt, grey hoodie. Read more on Hello Beautiful…