Lube Leakage Causes Post Office Evacuation

A post office in Alabama was evacuated last week after a suspicious substance began leaking out of a package onto 12 to 15 other packages. After coming into contact with the liquid, two people were hospitalized as a precaution, CBS Atlanta reported. It caused a burning sensation on the skin and people were worried that the substance could be harmful in some way.

As it turns out, however, skin is exactly where this substance is meant to go. The liquid that leaked out of the package was actually KY Intense Arousal Gel.

KY is pretty much the most innocuous substance out there — I mean, it goes inside your vagina!  Since the gel is intended to intensify sensation, it probably felt strange to the touch. Hospitalization may have been a bit of an overreaction, but people do sometimes send scary things in the mail.

According to CBS Atlanta, Tony Robinson, United States Postal Service Postal Inspector, said the package was addressed to someone in the entertainment industry, but the name of the person has not been released. Robinson also apparently intends to contact the sender to advise him or her on better shipping methods for the future. Sounds like a slippery conversation. Heh.

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[Photo via Danny’s Pharmacy]