Teen Temar Boggs Saves Kidnapped Young Girl

A much-needed wonderful story: An African-American teenager in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, who saved a young girl from a kidnapper. Temar Boggs and six of his friends joined in a city-wide manhunt for a man who kidnapped 5-year-old Jocelyn Rojas from her front yard, luring her with the promise of ice cream. Boggs and his friend Chris Garcia were riding through the streets of their town, searching for Rojas, when they noticed a car driven by an older white man suspiciously swerving through side streets. The pair of 15-year-olds followed the car and spied Rojas in the front seat. After following him for a while, the driver eventually opened the door and pushed Rojas out. Boggs scooped up the young girl and rode her home on his bike.

“It was like fate, it was like meant for me and Chris to be there,” Boggs told Lancaster Online. “If we wouldn’t have left [to look for her] who knows what would have happened to the little girl. It was a blessing for me to make that happen.”

The perpetrator is still at large. [Lancaster Online]