New Brooklyn Net Is Allowed To Cheat On His Wife Once Per Year

Andrei Kirilenko is the newest addition to the Brooklyn Nets, a team that has spent the off-season stacking itself with new and promising players. Kirilenko left the Minnesota Timberwolves for the Nets, but will experience a steep pay cut from $10 million last year to $3.18 million a year, New York magazine reported. Unfortunately, Kirilenko left the Timberwolves before he realized that nobody would give him a better offer. All of this is well and good, but the really interesting thing about Kirilenko has less to do with his yearly pay or which team he’s playing for and more to do with his relationship with his wife.

According to The Salt Lake Tribune, Kirilenko has been granted permission by his wife, Masha Lopatova, to sleep with one woman per year. Her thought process is that he travels a lot, and the temptation to be unfaithful will always be there, but what is forbidden is only more appealing. If he is allowed to cheat on his wife once per year, it isn’t actually cheating. And what about Lopatova? Let’s hope that she’s allowed to get some on the side too.  Their agreement was made in 2006, and apparently Kirilenko has yet to take her up on the offer. If lanky Russians and terrifying back tattoos are your thing, however, maybe it’s time to become a Brooklyn Nets fan.

What do we think of this agreement? A great idea or an awful one?

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[Photo via Getty Images]