Man’s Penis Bitten By A Snake Residing In His Toilet

It’s snake season in Israel, apparently, and those slithering menaces are everywhere. And yes, everywhere does include toilets. A 35-year-old man in Northern Israel was just going to the bathroom, minding his own business, when a small snake popped out of the toilet he was sitting on and bit him square on the penis.

Although this is literally the last place a man wants to be bitten by anything, let alone a snake, he can at least be grateful that the snake was not venomous. The man is currently doing very well, but he will most likely have bite marks on the area in question.

Despite having the most traumatic trip to the bathroom, Your Jewish News reports that the man was in generally good spirits and even had a laugh with the paramedics. After all, if you can’t laugh about getting bitten on the penis by a snake hiding in your toilet, what can you laugh at?

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[Photo of snake in water via Shutterstock]