Farrah Abraham Was Rejected By Playboy … Again

It’s embarrassing enough to reach out to Playboy and have them say “no thanks,” but to proposition them twice and get rejected is flat out embarrassing. Apparently, Farrah Abraham reached out to the magazine following the success of her sex tape, asking them fulfill her dream to pose fully nude in the mag and they declined. Then she got new boobs, went to rehab and got kicked out for being “disruptive” (there was a rumor that she was trying to take photos of Tanning Mom while there). Then, after her stint in rehab, she allegedly hit up Playboy once again and they said they just didn’t “have enough room for her,” whatever that means. Is it a reference to cup size?

Looking on the bright side, at least her attempts to make a sex tape weren’t thwarted like Tanning Mom’s were. Somehow, I believe the two Moms’ fates are inexplicable intertwined. Hmm, Backdoor Mom’s best bet might be to pitch a reality show co-starring Tanning Mom … or go back to rehab and finish this time.

In other news, Courtney Stodden got new boobs, so maybe she should try for Playboy again. I feel like she might have a shot this time. But maybe that’s naive of me.  [TMZ]