Would You Wear A Shirtdress Wedding Gown?

Designer Victor & Rolf just launched a rather novel new wedding line. The capsule collection is called, appropriately, Married, and includes a wedding shirt dress. But like, a formal wedding shirt dress. It actually doesn’t look as bad as it sounds — and might be really great for something like a summer beach wedding. After all, you want a lot of freedom — and the option of wearing sandals — if you’re getting married in the sand. But is it too casual?

Check out the rest of the collection after the jump! [Fashionologie]

victor and rolf marriage collection

A good ruffle dress — that is, one that doesn’t make the wearer look like a knit toilet paper cozy — can be hard to find, but this V&R number seems pretty and wearable. The one on the right? Just meh.

victor and rolf marriage collection
Not crazy about the little shift on the left, but the gown on the right? Those bows are adorbs.