“Big Brother” Bigotry: More Racist Crap Went Down Last Night

Alright, I’m running on barely any sleep because I was up realllllly late watching the “Big Brother” live feeds — don’t be jealous of my cool cosmopolitan lifestyle, you guys — and, like, couldn’t turn them off because shit was that riveting.

After Nick got evicted last night (which sent GinaMarie into a tailspin of epic proportions because she, like, loved him after two weeks even though they never even kissed) and Helen won the Head of Household competition, Aryan Aaryn, aka KKK Barbie, and her dwindling Blonde-torage (consisting of just-as-racist GinaMarie, as well as Jeremy and Kaitlin) lost it. There was the usual whining about wanting to go home, about how they can’t win now, how none of this is faaaaair, blah blah — and then there was the bullying that has become a hallmark of their “gameplay.”

First they took over the bedroom that had been shared by Judd, Jessie, Candice and Howard, refusing to get out of their beds (specifically to rile up Candice and Jessie). Then they went after Jessie, calling her a slut because she’s tried to “showmance” every guy in the house. But things really got heated when Aryan Aaryn flipped Candice’s mattress, which Candice handled with a fuckload of grace if you ask me. In the clip above, you can see both Aaryn and GM pull their usual racist shit, mimicking Candice’s “black” talk and taunting her to bring out her “blackness.” It is SICKENING. Howard literally had to carry Candice out of the room to stop it from going any further. I didn’t clip this, but afterwards, Candice and Howard spent a lot of time discussing how to handle themselves despite all the racist shit being thrown in their faces by Aryan and GM. Both of them cried and prayed.

Shortly after that, Amanda came in the room and called out Aryan, GM and Kaitlin for bullying Jessie, and brought up the fact that she had tried to warn Aryan that she should watch the racist things she says to people. The “BB” producers kept cutting to the fish tank throughout this conversation, likely because Amanda was revealing that she knows how Aryan is being portrayed in the edited episodes because almost everyone in the house has been asked in their Diary Room (DM) interviews about her racist comments. (“BB” doesn’t like it when the houseguests talk opening about diary room sessions.) Aryan still maintains she hasn’t done anything racist — despite the racist shit she was spewing at Candice only moments before – and that she doesn’t believe DM would portray her that way. Oh KKK Barbie, you are in for a treat when you eventually get kicked out of the “Big Brother” house. That’s going to be the best Julie Chen eviction interview ever. I hope Julie hands her a bag of rice and tell her to cook it herself.