Frisky Q&A: “Community”‘s Gillian Jacobs Loves “Dominick The Donkey” And That, My Friends, Is Absurdly Awesome

Gillian Jacobs is a truly awesome human being. When she’s not therapizing her cohorts as Britta on “Community” or killin’ it on the local comedy scene in Los Angeles, she’s taking time to answer a few of our random questions about everything from celebrity crushes to personal theme songs and more. I’ve always thought Gillian was great, but her diplomatic answer to my Blue Ivy versus North West showdown sealed the deal. Check out the full interview with her after the jump!

The Frisky: If food were people, what kind of food would be your BFF?

Gillian Jacobs: I would have to say that any combination of peanut butter and chocolate would be my BFFs.  I also would be very good friends with cinnamon ice cream.  To balance out that high-calorie insanity, I would also befriend kale chips, chia seeds and green juices.  I don’t think these two groups of friends would want to hang out though.

What TV game show would you totally dominate and why?

I would totally dominate a TV game show that consisted of useless pop culture trivia.  I know I would crush the RuPaul’s Drag Race category.  I’d also be of use if there was a theater and musical theater category with a strong emphasis on the works of George Bernard Shaw.

What’s your personal theme song?

My personal theme song would be “Dominick the Donkey” an Italian-American Christmas song about, well, Dominick the Donkey.  It is annoying/catchy- just like me? I’m not even Italian but this song speaks to me for some reason.

Who was your celebrity crush in middle school?

My celebrity crush in middle school was Cary Grant.  I’m not kidding. I had a full-blown crush on a dead celebrity.  In terms of living people, I liked Jude Law too.

If you had to have one cast member from “Jersey Shore” handcuffed to your arm for the entire week, who would it be and why?

(I have never seen “Jersey Shore”) Snooki? She seems like she has calmed down post-baby.  I could maybe keep up with her now.  I wouldn’t have stood a chance pre-baby.

What’s the worst time you ugly-cried in public?

When you live in New York City, your life is a series of humiliating and public ugly cries.  I have sobbed on the subway, on a street corner, on the steps of my apartment and in a bodega.  There were too many to count and thankfully the details are starting to recede into the fog of memory.

Who would win in a fight— Blue Ivy or North West?

I don’t like pitting girls against each other!  Let’s pretend Blue Ivy and North West teamed up.  I bet they’d be unstoppable (and better dressed than all of us put together).