Aryan Aaryn From “Big Brother” Thinks Being Called Barbie Is The Same As Racism

“They call me Barbie and all sorts of shit about me being blonde all the time, so what’s the difference? People want to paint an ugly picture of me. Any good thing that I do, people want to turn it like I’m doing it for an ulterior motive. It’s like no good deed goes unpunished in my life. Why is it okay for them to make comments about my attributes and my background and my life, and [Amanda] goes because there’s no history of going against blondes. And I’m like that’s not fair.”

– And I’m like, Aryan Aaryn from “Big Brother 15″ is not only racist but stupid as hell. This week, it seems that Aaryn, who continues to forget that there are tons of cameras and microphones broadcasting her every word to an international audience, attempted to explain her racist remarks about her fellow houseguests. See, it seems the non-white members of the house have gotten wind of the things she’s said and are none too happy. “Big Brother” houseguest Amanda advised Aryan to maybe watch her mouth, although she dismissed Aryan’s remarks as “jokes,” as if that makes it okay. But Aryan Aaryn was not going to listen to that crap! She will not be oppressed! The other houseguests call her Barbie and that is exactly the same as saying an Asian woman should make you rice! The oppression against blondes will not be ignored for a second longer! Ugh, please let this idiot get the ol’ heave-ho next week — I’m dying to see her reaction when she finds out she’s been fired from her job and America thinks she’s an asshole. [via Crushable]