10 Reasons I’m Completely And Totally Obsessed With Goats (Illustrated By GIFs)

As is well documented on this site and my Instagram “about me” section, I am hopelessly obsessed with goats, especially baby goats and pygmy goats and fainting goats — OK, nevermind, I just love ALL THE GOATS. Why am I so enraptured with these bouncy little creatures? Allow me to explain in the most eloquent, concise possible way: a series of adorable goat GIFs…

1. Because they understand that playgrounds aren’t just for humans:

Goat playing on slide gif

2. Because they love jumping so much that they don’t worry about the landing part:

goat jumping and falling over

3. Because they’re natural daredevils:

goat sliding on ice

4. Because they’re very creative about their transportation methods:

goat in wagon gif

5. Like, really creative:

goat riding turtle

6. Because they party like rock stars:

goat jumping on bed gif

7. Because they can be a little awkward:

goat hiding gif

8. Because this is what it looks like when they faint:

fainting goat gif

 9. Because they’re not afraid to use a sleeping pig as a trampoline:

goat jumping on pig gif

10. Because their martial arts moves are like Jackie Chan meets “The Matrix” meets an overdose of Ritalin:

goat karate gif