Doctor To Perform Vasectomies For A Live Audience To Make The World A Better Place

In honor of the inaugural World Vasectomy Day on October 18, Dr. Doug Stein of Florida wants to perform vasectomies at Adelaide’s Royal Institution of Australia. For a live audience. Fielding questions about the procedure. And streaming it online.

Since this is one of the most personal surgeries in existence, I’m not sure who would consent to having their vasectomy broadcast for anyone to see. But Dr. Stein thinks that public snippings would make the world a better place. And he actually has a good reason: he’s traveled the world performing vasectomies and firmly believes in their importance in family planning, especially in Third World countries. He also likes the world a lot and thinks vasectomies might just be the thing to save it.

In a radio interview on ABC Darwin 105.7, Dr. Stein explained:

“I like biodiversity. I think we’re compromising biodiversity by our numbers. I like people. I think that problems between people are magnified by their density being too high. I like children, I like children to be nurtured by their parents. And I think it’s easier to nurture two or three or four children than it is to nurture seven or eight or nine children.”

Dr. Stein’s thought is that if men see a vasectomy and hear questions and answers about such a procedure, they may be more comfortable with getting one themselves. Snake wrangling is not even that strange for people to watch: he has done them in front of two or three onlookers before and men even watch their own vasectomies because only local anesthetics are used. So if you’re interested in watching a live vasectomy, keep an eye out for Dr. Stein and his live show!

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[Photo of doctor with scalpel via Shutterstock]