11-Year-Old To Give Birth To Rapist’s Baby In Chile, Where Abortion Is Illegal

A 11-year-old girl in Chile, who was impregnated by her mother’s boyfriend, told a TV interviewer recently that giving birth to a baby would be like “having a doll.” Chilean President Sebastian Pinera, who opposes abortion, has praised the fifth grader publicly for her “depth and maturity” in carrying the pregnancy to term.

Oh, and did I mention that in Chile, abortion is super-duper illegal?

Don’t get me wrong: I support the right of any woman or girl to have the agency to make all her own reproductive decisions — even if I personally believe that teen and tween pregnancy are the wrong decisions because a lot of young parents are emotionally and financially unprepared for parenthood.

But one has to wonder just how anyone can say this 11-year-0ld incest victim is “choosing” not to have an abortion, when terminating a pregnancy in her country is illegal even in cases of rape. I’m not talking about some philosophical idea of choice; abortion is literally not even a legal option for her in this conservative Catholic country. Plus, her family members — the people who are supposed to look out for her — abused her, so I’m reluctant to say she has the type of agency in this situation that anti-abortion activists might like to depict.

The Chilean president said he asked the health minister to personally look after the pregnant 11-year-old. I assume he meant her physically well-being — doctors have warned that pregnancy is physically dangerous for girls her age —  but I would hope he meant her psychological well-being as well. Because it doesn’t sound like anyone really gives a shit about that. I hope somebody breaks it to her soon that, no, having a baby is not anything at all similar to having a doll.

It’s bad enough this young victim was repeatedly raped by her mother’s boyfriend for two years and her mother defended her boyfriend, claiming the “sexual relationship” with her minor child was consensual. On top of all that, does a pregnant fifth grader have to become a political pawn by a government praising her “choice,” too?

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