Today In Terribleness: Lesbian Murdered During “Corrective Rape” Assault In South Africa

A 26-year-old woman in South Africa named Duduzile Zozo was raped and murdered  because she is a lesbian. Zozo’s body was found  in a yard near her home on June 29 with part of a toilet brush in her vagina. She was yet another victim of “corrective rape,” or the erroneous idea that a homosexual woman can be made straight by raping her. The South African government released a statement last week condemning the violence and offering condolences to Zozo’s family, with the reminder:

“The Bill of Rights of our Constitution recognises and guarantees equality. This fundamental right enjoins South Africans not to discriminate against anyone on several grounds, including gender, sex and sexual orientation.”

But LGBTQ activists in South Africa maintain that the police turn a blind eye to hate crimes against them. A transgender woman named Bianca Laban told South Africa’s Independent newspaper, “What hurts is that it isn’t the first time that one of us is killed, and we don’t know what will happen after the burial. Gays and lesbians aren’t safe and I can’t run away from where I stay.” No one has yet been arrested in Duduzile Zozo’s death.

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