Not This Crap Again: London Mayor Boris Johnson Thinks Educated Women Need Still To Find Husbands

During the launch of the World Islamic Economic Forum, the mayor of London, Boris Johnson, spoke with Malaysian Prime Minister about the role of women in education. After the the PM  noted that 68 percent of college graduates in Malaysia are now women, Johnson just had to add that “they’ve got to find men to marry.” What Johnson therefore implied with his comment is that women aspire to nothing more than marriage, even with their degrees.

Not surprisingly, Johnson — who is somewhat infamous for sticking his foot in his mouth — is taking heat for that remark.  Apparently he meant it as a joke, but most people aren’t finding it all that funny. The Everyday Sexism campaign condemned his statement as “pathetically archaic, unacceptably sexist and hopelessly out of touch.”  Considering that more women are now attending college than men, both in America and in the UK, it is dangerous and moronic to discount the efforts and potential of female college graduates as Johnson has so eloquently done.

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