Let’s All Play The Frisky’s Beach Blanket Bingo Game!

Let's All Play The Frisky's Beach Blanket Bingo Game

Maybe, like us, you’ve been going to the beach a lot lately. Cool, right? But man, you can See Some Things there. We thought you might want something to do in between the magazine-reading and SPF-applying and gawking at strangers, so we’ve created this fun Beach Blanket Bingo game. To play, you simply print out and cart with you to the beach. The first person to spot all the items in a row — horizontally, vertically or diagonally — wins a prize! The prize, aside from the ability to lord it over your friends in the observational skills category, can be of your choosing. But hey, you’re smart, so think big. In case you’re unsure, an explanation for each item is after the jump!

TOP ROW (from left to right): A man in a banana hammock; a used condom on the beach; a group of teens attempting to surreptitiously smoke weed; a dislodged sun umbrella that’s gone tumbling down the beach; a crying baby, or group of babies, who are ruining it for their parents.

SECOND ROW (from left to right): Someone unaware of their encroachingly terrible sunburn; a totally beach-inappropriate picnic spread; a lady sporting visible pubes; a thong bikini; alcohol “hidden” in paper bags.

THIRD ROW (from left to right): A large and no doubt well-stocked cooler; a large, sun-obstructing beach hat; free space!; a woman sunbathing topless even though you’re not on a nude beach; someone desperately trying to make a pool float work in tempestuous ocean waves.

FOURTH ROW (from left to right): A guy searching for treasure with a metal detector, oblivious to everything around him; stray beach balls; a guy with an extra-large, extra-loud boom box, no doubt also on his cell phone; someone wearing totally inappropriate footwear; a hypodermic needle washed up on the shore.

FIFTH ROW (from left to right): A nip slip (accidental or intentional); bros playing beach volleyball; lost sunglasses; a woman wearing a full face of makeup at the beach [That would be me.]; a guy trying to catch fish, despite the fact that there are toddlers playing in the waves a few feet away from him.

All right! Go forth and have a great beachy time! And let us know if we missed any of your favorite beach sites in the comments!

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