Even Crucifix Necklaces Are Offensive These Days

While working at an orientation event at Sonoma State University of California, student Audrey Jarvis was asked by her supervisor — twice — to remove or hide her crucifix necklace because she was told it might offend someone or make new students feel unwelcome. What?!?

Christianity is sort of getting a bad reputation lately, mostly because of the few extreme people who choose to misinterpret the Bible to further their political agendas. Wearing a cross necklace as a symbol of faith, however, is decidedly not offensive. Asking Jarvis to remove the necklace was a direct violation of her religious freedom and it effectively made Jarvis herself feel unwelcome on a campus that she has already attended for two years.

The university has since profusely apologized for the incident; a spokesperson said in a statement, “It was absolutely an inappropriate action for [her supervisor] to make that request.”  All Jarvis is asking for is confirmation that she will be able to wear her necklace in peace on campus. All in all, this is a case of PC taken a little bit too far.

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[Photo of golden crucifix in hand via Shutterstock]