New Urinal Design Tries To Get Men To Wash Their Hands More After Peeing

I always knew that boys were kind of gross. But it’s apparently worse than I thought: a Latvian designer has created a built-in sink on urinals to encourage more men to wash their hands after peeing.

According to a study by Michigan State University, 15 percent of men don’t wash their hands at all after handling their sweaty junk, compared with only seven percent of women. These icky icksters then go touch your elevator buttons, bus poles, and salad tongs at Whole Foods. The study also found that only one in 20 people wash their hands long enough to kill dangerous germs after using the facilities. Norovirus for everybody!

In the interest of encouraging more hand-washing, Kaspars Jursons built a urinal called STAND with a motion-activated sink sitting right on top of it. But will men soap up and wash their hands for the recommended 15 to 20 seconds required to thoroughly clean their paws? That remains to be seen and the answer could send you reeling for the toilet. [Daily Mail UK]

[Photo of man peeing at urinal via Shutterstock]

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