Breaking News: Heidi Klum Has A Sunburnt Tush!

  • And here is the photo to prove it. [Popbytes]
  • “Man of Steel” hottie Henry Cavill just started dating Kaley Cuoco, one of the stars of “The Big Bang Theory,” but some fans smell a publicity stunt. Here is some advice for how these two alleged love birds can make their relaysh seem less fake. [Socialite Life]
  • I’m not sure why anyone would want to listen to the “Doctor Who” theme slowed down so it’s 20 minutes long, but then again, I fall asleep to the sound of the USS Enterprise engine, so I clearly have no business passing judgement on what sounds good to nerd ears. [The Mary Sue]
  • I was somehow not invited to my high school reunion, probably because I was basically invisible during my teenage years. But for those of you who have your HS reunions coming up, here are the 22 phases to expect. [Tres Sugar]
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