Hot Blog Alert: The Toast Is Live And It Is Awesome

Every so often, a hot little blog shows up on the scene like the new kid on the block, tentative, shy, poking its head out of the basement it’s been writing in, group-texting the world “HEY GUYS, I’M HERE! LET’S HANG.” The Toast is the latest to fit the bill, and I can already tell that it’s going to be brilliant. The brainchild of The Hairpin’s former book editor Nicole Cliffe and the genius Mallory Ortberg, it’s a new corner of the internet that tackles the intersection of literature and feminism and whatever else strikes their fancy. From their intro:

The Toast is a long email chain about force-ranking the Mitford sisters. The Toast prefers free weights to circuit machines but also enjoys a good sit. The Toast doesn’t care how much you or Marilyn Monroe weigh. The Toast is happy, then dignified. The Toast is not haunted, but would welcome a visit from ghosts.

Amazing. Start here with this piece about dreams by Jen Doll, move on to this conversation about Wendy Davis and her sneakers, then read the whole thing in its entirety. [The Toast]