Kickass Woman Of The Day: Amputee Builds A Prosthetic Leg Entirely Out Of LEGOS

In January of this year, occupational therapist Christina Stevens of St. Louis had an awful accident while changing the brakes on her car. She sustained so many “crush” injuries in her foot that she made the difficult decision to get a below-knee amputation.

“What’s really interesting about this whole ordeal is that I’m an occupational therapist. I have done a lot of research and work with amputees and also with wheelchair users and so I think that I have a unique perspective going into this whole thing because I’ve been on both sides of the therapeutic relationship…I think that puts me in a unique situation to perhaps offer some different insights for people who might be going through the same or similar things to me,” said Christina, who goes by the name AmputeeOT, in her introduction video.

Her insights have been unique indeed. Since receiving her amputation, Christina has been sharing videos on YouTube documenting her path to rehabilitation and answering questions about her condition, like what the deal is with phantom limb pain,  how it feels to walk with a prosthetic leg or and how to take off a prosthetic leg and put it back on. There’s even a video of her getting an amputee tattoo. Perhaps the most riveting (and creative) is this series is a video of Christina making a prosthetic leg entirely out of LEGOS.

AmputeeOT, for turning what has been one of the most painful experiences in your life into something that inspires us, for being seriously fearless in the face of adversity and for “putting the LEG in LEGO” as one YouTube user says, we salute you. [DListed]