Watch Amelia Give “Beverly Hills, 90210″ Star & Chippendales Stud Ian Ziering A Lap Dance

When Ian Ziering, aka Steve Sanders from “Beverly Hills, 90210,” asks, nay, orders you to give him a lap dance, you don’t say no. In fact, if you’re me, you don’t even hesitate and just hop down off your chair and back dat ass straight into the current guest Chippendales dancer’s lap. Ziering stopped by The Frisky and Celebuzz offices to talk about his experience with the all-male revue in Las Vegas and I lept at the chance to interview my favorite KEG man. You guys, Ian is looking gooooooooood. And despite my “skills,” Ian only has eyes for his lovely wife Erin, who just gave birth to their second child. Over at Celebuzz, Ian explains how going shirtless and donning a bow tie for Chippendales has spiced up his already solid marriage. Check out that and the rest of my interview with Ian here!

And coming up later this week, I, a Nine-Oh superfan, give Ian my “How Well Does Steve Sanders KNOW Steve Sanders?” quiz. Until then, I’ll just be sitting here, basking in the afterglow of having had my ass smacked by a ’90s TV legend. Ian, you hold the legacy key to my heart.