If This Mermaid And Merman Can Find Love, Anyone Can

As a wise crab named Sebastian once said, “The human world … it’s a mess.” Anyone who’s tried online dating can attest to that. But dating can be an even more confusing proposition when you’re a human who dresses up as a mermaid for a living, like Melissa Dawn of Florida. Dawn, 31, is a professional mermaid who can hold her breath underwater for 5 minutes and has mastered the art of swimming gracefully while wearing a 60-pound mermaid tale. She has a huge following online and often performs at Sea World. Up until recently, Dawn was resigned to being a single fish. “I was never looking for love, because I’m so business-oriented,” she says. But she had no idea her soulmate was swimming her way…

Antonio Padilla, a fellow performer at Sea World, started donning a tail of his own to assist Dawn at her shows, and soon the two merpeople developed a mutual crush. “She’s good-looking, and I was attracted, but I tend to be shy with women until I get the greenlight,” says Padilla. Dawn appreciated her new coworker’s skills as well as his smokin’ hot bod. “He just fits the merman ideal,” she said. “He gets women wanting to pet his scales.”

The two began an undercover (undersea?) romance over a year ago, but have finally decided to go public with their love, celebrating their union with a romantic photoshoot (part of which is shown above). Sigh. It doesn’t get more meant to be than that. [Huffington Post]